A Role for Everyone in Safe, Reliable Electricity

August 29, 2017

A safe, reliable supply of electricity is essential for the prosperity of Midland businesses and the
quality of life of its residents. While Midland PUC continually upgrades and maintains the system,
Midland residents have an important role in safeguarding this essential system.

Call in Street Lighting Outages

Safe streets require a robust, comprehensive street lighting system. All the streetlights in Midland have recently been replaced with high energy efficiency LED lights that are designed to be maintenance free for 15-20 years. Occasionally a street light will fail despite this long life expectancy. When this happens, Midland residents are asked to telephone Midland PUC to let them know the street light is no longer working. The number to identify the pole to the Midland PUC staff is located eight feet off the ground on every pole.
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